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A recorded highest turnout in Uva; Election chief calls vote peaceful

Sat, 20 September 2014 10:00 | Political

(NIDAHASA News) Uva Provincial Council poll concluded at 4.00 pm with the recorded highest voters turnout in the series of scattered Provincial Council elections.

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Chinese leader wants Sri Lanka to join his new "Silk Road" plan

Wed, 17 September 2014 10:35 | Special

(NIDAHASA News) Chinese President Xi Jinping left the country ending his two-day visit to Sri Lanka.

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Otara sells Odel to Softlogic

Thu, 11 September 2014 04:31 | Economy

(NIDAHASA News) Otara Gunawardena, the visionary founder of Odel fashion chain has disposed all her shares in the company this morning.

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Million rupee reward for clue on missing girl

Thu, 11 September 2014 03:37 | Special

(NIDAHASA News) Police offered a one million rupee reword for information about the missing 4-year-old girl from Kurunegala.

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