Thinakkural Newspaper

Threats Against Tamil Newspapers in Jaffna

Sun, 28 November 2010 01:19


(NIDAHASA News) Threats against newspapers published in Jaffana getting worse, Center for Human Rights in Sri Lanka says in a statement.

A group of men wearing black masks with batons and knifes have encircled the office of Yal Thinakkural located at Kasthooriyaar Road Friday (27) midnight, statement says.

The newspaper officers who contacted their Colombo office have told the management to take immediate steps to ensure their safety, reports say.

A group of armed men arrived to the newspaper office on Thursday (26) issued letters threatening two Tamil dailies, namely Yal Thinakkural and Udayan.

Newspapers published in Jaffna facing continues threats since several years, including murder of journalists, press workers and newspaper distributors.

Press freedom is mandatory in order to re-establish democracy in post-war Jaffna, Center for Human Rights in Sri Lanka said further.

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