India won the cricket world champion (Photo: K. R. Deepak/ The Hindu)

India Deserved ICC victory; Sri Lankan Skipper Says

Mon, 04 April 2011 02:25


(NIDAHASA News) Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara said his team were disappointed at missing out on a second World Cup title but proud to go down to a team that deserved victory more.

"We are disappointed but the better side won." he said, after India defeated his side by six wickets in the ICC World Cup final.

India won the cricket world champion Saturday (02) for the second time beating Sri Lanka by six wickets at t the Wankhede stadium, Mumbai.

"Both Sri Lanka and India will be proud with the way they have played." Sangakkara said.

Sangakkara, who made 48, said the only way his team could have stopped India from winning the crown was to take quick wickets but that did not happen.

"India were the better side. They were fantastic tonight. The only way for us to stop India was to get at least seven wickets. Gautam (Gambhir) was outstanding and (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni stepped up and performed." Sangakkara added.

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