Mahela Jayawardene (Photo: BBC)

Sri Lankan Crikcet Selection Committe and Vice-captain Follows Caption

Wed, 06 April 2011 13:58


(NIDAHASA News) Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayawardene quit as vice-captain and a three-member selection committee also handed over their letters of resignation today (06), following ICC World Cup defeat.

"We would like to offer to step down immediately from the jobs of National Selectors, so that the group of selectors you may wish to appoint, could be given an opportunity to make short and long term plans, in the way they think it is best for our cricket." National selection committee head and former captain Aravinda de Silva said.

"Mahela had taken up the vice captaincy duty only till the end of the World Cup. This morning, he handed in a letter stating that he did not like continuing as the vice-captain of the team." Sri Lanka Cricket secretary, Nishantha Ranatunge said.

Kumar Sangakkara also stepped down yesterday (05) as one-day and Twenty20 captain. He also said his decision was taken three weeks before the World Cup.

The spate of resignations has taken the country with surprise and some local media speculated that the loss to India wasn’t the only reason for the resignations. Some websites claimed that political pressure caused players and committee to resign posts while some other sites hinting about a match fixing.

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