Wanniaracchi and Sean McGoldrick at Delhi (Photo: Reuter)

Sri Lanka Boxer stripped of Gold Medal after failing Second Doping Test

Sun, 08 May 2011 08:00


(NIDAHASA News) Sri Lankan boxer Manju Wanniarachchi was stripped of his Commonwealth Games gold medal today (08) after he tested positive for the anabolic steroids after his victory in New Delhi.

After a protracted legal process, the Commonwealth Games Federations (CGF) Federation's court, meeting in Kuala Lumpur, ruled that Wanniarachchi has been disqualified from the 2010 Commonwealth Games and his competition results at the Delhi Games be nullified.

"The Court has ruled that the medal awarded to him be forfeited and returned to the CGF," a statement issued by governing body said. "The gold medal in the bantamweight 56 kilo weight division will be awarded to Sean McGoldrick from Wales," it said further.

According to statement Wanniarachchi's urine sample was found to contain 19-Norandrosterone, a banned performance-enhancing substance.

However Wanniarachchi lawyers have vowed to carry on his fight to try to keep his Commonwealth Games gold medal claming that the boxer may have unknowingly taken the banned steroid when he consulted a physician.

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