Kalasuri Arisen Ahubudu (Photo:

Popular Sinhala scholar Arisen Ahubudu Passes Away

Thu, 26 May 2011 07:44


(NIDAHASA News) Popular Sinhala scholar, author and playwright Kalasuri Arisen Ahubudu passed away today (26) afternoon at the age of 91.

Ahubudu born in 1920 and was named Ariyasena Ashuboda by his parents. But later he changed his name to the Hela format due to his association with the Hela Havula movement.

Ahubudu served 42 years as a teacher. Having first taught at Holy Trinity College in Nuwara Eliya, he moved to Mahinda College, Galle and later to Maha Bodhi College, Maradana. His longest stint came even later at S. Thomas' College from 1952 until 1979 where he is remembered for his significant contribution.

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