Renowned filmmaker and TV personality Titus Thotawatte (File Photo)

Titus Thotawatte No More

Tue, 18 October 2011 05:01


(NIDAHASA News) Renowned filmmaker and TV personality Titus Thotawatte passed away on Saturday (15), aged 82 years.

Thottawatte joined Lester James Peries and Willie Blake in making ‘Rekhava’ in 1956 as editor.

He Director made several popular and technically skilled Sri Lankan action movies in the 1960s and 1970s including Chandiya, Kawda Hari, Sagarika, Mangala, Sihasuna, Maruwa Samaga Waase. He later directed the famous children's film Handaya which was said to be the first children's film in the country. In addition, he has edited many films including Daskon, Sandesaya, Ranmuthu Duuwa, Deewarayo, Saravita, Parasathu Mal and many more. Besides, he has directed many children's programmes for television.

He pioneered the art dubbing children's programmes for television. In the 1980s and 1990s, he dubbed English cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Doctor Doolittle for Sinhala audiences and also created puppet characters like Eluson.

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