Hundreds of activists and artists gathered into the Viharamahadevi Park (Photo: KCThomas)

Hundreds of activists gather to say they want "No More July"

Thu, 24 July 2014 22:50


(NIDAHASA News) "Racism is a butchery where the butcher satisfies us using our own flesh", a young artist expressed his view in an event held in Colombo to commemorate the black July of 1983.

Janaka Illangarathne's work titled "Jaathi Mas" was a big attraction among many installations and performance arts exhibited at the anti-racist event "No More July", held on this Wednesday (23).

Janaka Illangarathne's "Jaathi Mas" (Photo:Fabian De Alwis Gunasekare)

Hundreds of activists and artists gathered into the Viharamahadevi Park in Colombo to remember the anti-Tamil riot of 1983, which claimed many lived and caused heavy damaged to Tamil-owned properties, and according to some critics, paved way for separatist LTTE to establish their ideology among the Tamil majority.

Organizers said they are attempting to "make a change in the way July is remembered in a culture which historical injustices are tend to be forgotten."

Bandu Mananperi's "Firecracker Dress" (Photo: KCThomas)

Janani Cooray's "Red Hands" (Photo: KCThomas)

Two performance arts, Bandu Mananperi's "Firecracker Dress" and Janani Cooray's "Red Hands" also attracted heavy public favor.

Ten musical bands including Ajith Kumarasiri, Indrachapa Liyanage, Skitzo and Amila Sandaruwan performed on the stage.

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