The Chinese coal-fired plant with a notorious history of breakdowns (File Photo)

Norochcholai coal plant dead again

Wed, 27 August 2014 23:23


(NIDAHASA News) Norochcholai power plant came to a complete standstill once again after the breakdown of last working turbine last evening (28).

The Chinese coal-fired plant with a notorious history of breakdowns was providing 300 MW of electricity to the national grid at the time of shutdown.

This breakdown however, will not affect the national power supply, as other power plants will take over the load, electric board said.

One of two operational turbines stopped working three weeks ago, causing plant managers to start the third turbine, which have not even officially launched yet. However, the new turbine also stopped working on Tuesday.

The chine-made plant was also funded by massive loans from China. China's President Xi Jinping, during his next month's visit to the country, is expecting to officially launch the third turbine, which went silent during its test run Tuesday.

Sri Lankan government reportedly planned earlier to sell the technically disastrous plant back to the Chinese company, but later scrapped the plan.

According to Ministry of Power and Energy, 450 million USD has been spent on the project so far. Plant is expecting to produce 900MW of electricity when all three turbines are functional.

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