The pseudo report claims Rajapaksa leads Sirisena by 17%

Rajapaksa "wins" election in a "phony" survey

Sun, 21 December 2014 22:07


(NIDAHASA News) A Colombo based think tank denied authenticity of an election survey published by a pro-government web site.

The "phony report" published by lankacnews website attributing to One-text Initiative, claims Mahinda Rajapaksa leads the presidential race, securing 57% of total votes. According to the report, Rajapaksa leads Maithiripala Sirisena in all ethnic groups except Muslims and Sri Lankan Tamils, and "others". In Muslims, Sri Lankan Tamils and "other" comminutes, Sirisena leads Rajapaksa just by 29%, 4% and 9% respectively, says the survey report, which seems to have come from nowhere.

A One-text Initiative spokesperson speaking to NIDAHASA News, denied any connection with said "report" adding they have never conducted a of survey on that matter.

"We are a non-aligned organization and we have not conducted any such survey," he said.

The lankacnews web site said have owned by a government minister is recently being accused of publishing false and hate-filled news items against pro opposition groups including popular artists.

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