provincial council member Don Kamal Indika and his gang, a moment before the attack (Image: Aluth parapura))

Pro opposition artists attacked in Kurunegala [Video]

Mon, 29 December 2014 02:12


Third Edition(NIDAHASA News) A group of artists were attacked while campaigning for common opposition candidate in Kurunegala today (29).

Several artists injured when a provincial politician attacked their street promotion campaign in Kumbukgate area.

“A gang led by provincial council member Don Kamal Indika of ruling party attacked us with stones while we are campaigning in Kumbukgate area in Kurunegala,” actor Jagath Manuwarna told NIDAHASA News.

Samanalee Fonseka, Lakshman Wijesekara and Udaya Dharmawardhana among injured; however their condition is not critical, Manuwarna said.

There were around 150 thugs, most of them were in Namal Rajapaksa’s “Nil Balakaya” T-shirts, he added.

An artist’s collective called “New Generation” organized the campaign. Many artists and civil activists including Ama Wijesekara, Mohan Raj Madawala were in the scene.

Violence against opposition parties are increasing as the final week of election campaign approaches. Campaign for Free and Fair Election (CaFFE) say they have received over 600 complaints regarding violence and violations of election law so far.

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