Many artists and activists addressed the briefing (Photo: Aluth Parapura)

Sri Lanka: a godforsaken 'Disneyland'? [Video]

Tue, 30 December 2014 23:42


(NIDAHASA News) "Why my parents gave me birth into this godforsaken 'Disneyland'?" an emotional Jagath Manuwarna broke down to tear in a press conference yesterday; he was among the artists who were attacked on Monday (29) during a street campaign in Kurunegala.

"I ask my parents, why didn't choked me to death in the moment I born into this weird Bollywood movie called 'Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka?' Now the only thing you can do for me is to buy me a Lamborghini, to race [with sons of Persident Rajapaksa]," the popular actor said sarcastically.

"Thuggery have become a qualification for politicians to climb up in their political career," popular novelist Mohan Raj Madawala says.

Addressing the special media briefing organized by Next Generation artist's collective, popular author said now government goons have become so "brave" they do not even try to hide their identity.

The artist's collective called this beefing after Monday's attack on their street campaign in Kumbukgate, Kurunegala. Samanalee Fonseka, Udaya Dharmawardhana and Lakshman Wijesekara injured in this attack.

Full video of the event (Video: UNP Media)

"These local politicians now know this kind of behaviors would help them to the next level of political ladder," Madawala explained how political system works under current regime.

"Can't you see the brutality of this corrupted regime?" actress Samanalee Fonseka asked senior artists who pledged their support to President Rajapaksa.

How can you stand with thugs, to protect a corrupted rule, Fonseka questioned.

"Government is attacking local artists while using Bollywood superstars for their election campaign," popular author Upul Shantha Sannasgala said.

We will continue our struggle even after the election to protest civil rights in this country, Sannasgala added.

"It is clear that we are going back to the savage era," senior playwright and actor Jayalath Manorathna said adding that the country is now ran by "jungle law."

North Western Provincial Council member Don Kamal Indika, who allegedly led the attack, surrendered to the police this morning (31). There were around 150 goons with Provincial Councilor; most of them in Namal Rajapaksa’s “Nil Balakaya” T-shirts. However “Nil Balakaya” denied any involvement into the attack.

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