Massive crowd gathered for final rallies of both candidates. (Photo: Pradeep Pathirana/ Daily Mirror)

Massive crowd gather to bring back ex-President

Rajapaksa calls his election defeat a conspiracy

Thu, 19 February 2015 08:41


(NIDAHASA News) Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says his defeat at last presidential election was a conspiracy.

Sending a greeting message to a rally organized by a group of his former ministers, Rajapaksa promised a make a comeback, calming he cannot ignore hopes of his colleagues and supporters.

Yesterday's (18) rally was organized by several minor parties of Rajapaksa's former alliance. Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), main party of the alliance, now led by President Maithripala Sirsena, did not took part of today's rally, but several of it's members inducing Western Province Chief Minister Prasanna Ranathunga were seen on stage.

Around 20-30,000 people gathered to the rally blocking vehicle movement along Nugegoda town.

Addressing the Rally, leader of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardhana echoed Rajapaksa's popular theory, in which he claims he still is the moral president of Sinhala Buddhist majority.
"If you detach North and East, you can see there's a clear victory for Mahinda," Gunawardhana said.

Rajapaksa secured near 60% votes in most of the rural areas dominated by majority Sinhala Buddhists. However overwhelming rejection from minorities and diminishing popularity among Sinhala Buddhists in urban areas ruined his hope for a third presidential term.

"'Mahinda Rajapaksa' is not merely a person", said National Freedom Front (JNP) parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa: "he is the country."

Weerawansa vowed to form a Rajapaksa government following upcoming general election.

Pivithuru Hela Uruma General Secretary Udaya Gammanpia accused new government of sympathizing separatists and told that Rajapaksa should run for Prime Minister post in order to protect the country.

Rajapaksa was sharply defeated by his former Health minister in an span presidential election held on 8th January. Former president was accused of heavily abusing state resources for his campaign and trying a military coup on election night to remain in power. However, new government which promised to investigate mega corruptions of Rajapaksa regime have so far failed to prosecute former President or any of his family members.

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