President met with family member of the schoolgirl who had been gang-raped and murdered (Photo: Daily Mirro)

President vows swift justice for rape murdered teenage girl

Wed, 27 May 2015 09:27


(NIDAHASA News) President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (26) paid a visit to Jaffna to see the family member of the schoolgirl who had been gang-raped and murdered last week.

Siriseana promised to setup a special court to ensure speedy justice for Vithiya.

Tension aroused in Jaffna over the delay of producing suspect into the court and over 130 protesters were arrested for allegedly damaging Jaffna court complex.

“We cannot allow such incidents to happen again in any part of the country,” president said in a meeting with schoolgirls during his Jaffna visit.

Police obtained a court order banning protests for two more weeks in Jaffna area fearing further mob violence. However there were several memorials and protest in Colombo.

Sri Lanka is one of a country with highest rape rate. According to a UN Study, 4.9% of Sri Lankan males had committed a raped in their lifetime. Most of them have never been convicted.

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