Minister of Cultural Affairs Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena

Sri Lanka Filmmakers Angry over Banning of "Adults Only" Films

Wed, 29 July 2009 11:10


(NIDAHASA News) SSeveral Sri Lankan filmmakers claim that the newly introduced ban on "Adults Only" films is not agreeable.

Few days back, the Minister of Cultural Affairs Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena said, that the government will impose the ban as soon as possible on the "Adults-only" movies once the Cabinet approval is obtained.

"We can accept a ban on `porn films`, byt it is nonsense to ban all movies which are rated as `adults only` films" veteran film director Vasantha Obesekara said to Swarnawahini, a local television channel.

"There are classic films made on adult themes, it is disagreeable to ban all those movies by this new act" film director Jackson Anthony said.

"Adults in this country will lose the chance to watch classic films on adults themes", actress Getha Jumarasighe said.

However higher amount of civilians speaking to Swarnawahini news, admired the government`s move.

"I would be thankful for banning `adults only` films, and I`d like if they carry on such actions further." a middle aged male told to television.

Acceding to Minister of Cultural Affairs, Advertisements on TV, radio and newspapers also will be required to obtain the approval of the Public Performance Board.

Sri Lanka also blocked porn web sites last week, claming that they are harmful for country`s Buddhist culture.

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